Message from Conference Chair

The International Conference on Advanced Production and Industrial Engineering (ICAPIE) aims to promote synergetic partnerships between academia and industry and also to showcase the growth of cutting-edge technology developed in the recent past in the areas of Production and Industrial Engineering. ICAPIE assembles the best talents in the academia & research institutions, industry experts, management professionals, engineers, and executives to collaborate and address the current challenges in Production and Industrial Engineering, to seek new windows for discovery and exploration. It is an invitation to all scientists, engineers, and technologists to create a new paradigm using new knowledge, vision, and scientific intellect.

The first four conferences, ICAPIE’16 (Dec 9-10), ICAPIE’17 (Oct 6-7), ICAPIE’18 (Oct 5-6), and ICAPIE’19 (Dec 20-21), were held successfully at Delhi. The organisers are grateful to all authors and participants who have made significant contributions in the form of their papers and we would also like to thank the reviewers for their comments and suggestions which helped in improving the quality of the papers, which were published in reputed journals like LNME-Springer henceforth.

The highly anticipated ICAPIE 2020 (Dec 15-17), the fifth conference which was scheduled to be held in Singapore, was declared void following the COVID-19 Pandemic. We're sanguine that the 6th conference, ICAPIE'21, scheduled to be held in Delhi from June 18-20, will be a great success with the academia, researchers, and engineers.

Dr. Ranganath M. Singari
Head, Department of Design
Professor , Department of Mechanical,
Production & Industrial Engineering
Delhi Technological University
Delhi-110042, ​India

Previous ICAPIE Publications


Indian Journal of Engineering and Materials Sciences (IJEMS)

SCI / eSCI Indexed Journal
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Advances in Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering

Springer Publication (Select Proceedings of ICAPIE 2019)
Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering
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International Journal of Advanced Production and Industrial Engineering

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Glimpses of previous ICAPIE

The first conference, ICAPIE DTU 2016 was held at Delhi Technological University with 500 attendees.
Around 100 papers were reviewed.

ICAPIE DTU 2017 was also held at Delhi Technological University.
More than 700 attendees were present and about 100 papers were peer-reviewed.

ICAPIE DTU 2018, held at CASPIA Hotel, New Delhi reviewed about 100 papers from nearly 500 attendees.

ICAPIE DTU 2019 held at DITE, Okhla saw 450 attendees.
105 papers were published in Springer journals, 20 in SCIE, and 40 papers were published in IJAPIE journals.

ICAPIE DTU 2020 stands cancelled due to COVID-19 Pandemic.